3525 Haug Av SE
Rockford, MN 55373


Welcome to Happy Days Doggie Camp

At Happy Days we specialize in playtime and socializing dogs. Dogs are grouped together based on their temperament and playfulness. Playful campers are assured of finding playmates to wrestle and run with, and mellow and shy campers are grouped with other gentle campers. Geriatric campers share the peace and quiet that they need and deserve. We are especially sensitive to pets with special needs.

The campers enjoy six to eight hours of supervised playtime every day. All group activity is monitored closely by our camp counselors to make sure all campers are given the attention they need. We have six different play areas, a large indoor play room, three out-door play areas, which are covered and protected from the weather, and two very large outdoor play parks, with a doggie playhouse and lots of trees. As night falls at Happy Days, we rarely hear a sound, other than snoring after a long day of play, our campers are happy and content and sleep well.

We have five different suite sizes. Every suite has its own four-poster bed with comfy bedding, but you can always bring your dogs favorite bedding from home. The suites, as well as the indoor playroom, are heated and air conditioned, the floors are heated. and fresh air is always being circulated.

We recommend that you tour our facility with your dog. This gives your dog the opportunity to become comfortable with Happy Days in your presence. It affords your dog a positive experience and assures you that you have made the correct choice boarding at Happy Days. Your dog will have an easier time assimilating into the camp routine having visited with you prior to their first stay. (A current Bordetella vaccination is required 72 hours in advance)

After visiting our facility, you will be comfortable about leaving your dog with us. There is nothing worse than going on a trip or vacation, and constantly worrying about your dog. We encourage you to call us for a full report on how your dog is doing. Our goal is to make both you and your dog comfortable.

Helpful hints for making your first boarding experience a positive one:

  • Schedule a trial day for your dog - we offer day care Monday through Friday
  • Stay positive, your dog will react to your nervousness, which can make it harder to introduce your dog into the camp routine.
  • Tell our camp counselors about your dogs specific behaviors, the more we know about your dog, the easier it is for us to understand your dog
  • Schedule any vet visits at least one week prior to your arrival
  • Check in early. You may want to spend all the time you can with your dog before you leave for vacation, but that is not the best thing for your dog. The earlier you bring your dog the more time they have to meet the other campers & play!